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PCB factory china:PCB Soldering Steps04-08 02:45
PCB supplier china:Common Issues Affecting A PCB04-08 09:45
Common Issues Affecting A PCB Having the prototype functioning well in the lab isn’t an indication that the PCB will perform similarly in the field.
PCB manufacturer China:How Do PCBA and PCB Relate to Each Other?04-08 10:57
PCB and PCBA are the results of two different steps of the same overall process.
Multi-layer Benefits04-08 09:47
From a technical point of view, multilayer PCBs present several advantages in design. These benefits multilayer PCBs present include。
Material Considerations for Rigid-Flex PCB Design04-08 09:41
Material Considerations for Rigid-Flex PCB Design Talk to your manufacturer to ensure you select the right material for your rigid-flex design TYou’ll want to consult your PCB manufacturer before starting a design.
Rigid flex PCB:Difference between Rigid PCB and Flex PCB?03-29 10:29
The most prominent difference between a flex PCB and a Rigid PCB can be easily deduced from their respective names: A Rigid PCB is not flexible, whereas a flex PCB can be shaped or bent to fit into a given system.
Technology keeps advancing in our world today. All industries are profiting from this advancement. Even the medical industry isn’t left behind. Today’s medical devices are well-designed to meet the increasing demands of people.
The Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) is a type of surface-mounting package used in the electronics industry. MCPCB has no lead, has less weight and occupies less space than conventional PCBs. In addition, MCPCBs have better mechanical properties and circuit performance than conventional PCBs.
Preparing Your Design for High Frequency PCB Layout03-25 03:49
The best way to approach high speed design is to start small. Fast components often need fast tools and test equipment. Components commonly used in high speed digital circuits include microcontrollers, FPGAs, RF and MCU transceivers, and many other components.
FPC supplier:What Is A Touch Screen FPC?03-24 11:25
FPC supplier:FPC is the abbreviation of Flexible Printed Circuit. Also known as flexible circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, or touch screen FPC for short. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness.
FPC manufacturer:What is FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)?03-23 09:18
FPC, also known as Flexible Printed Circuit, is favored for its lightweight, thin thickness, free bending and folding, and other excellent characteristics.
Flexible PCB supplier china:What is a PCB?03-23 10:56
Flexible PCB supplier china:In today’s world Printed circuit boards have become very popular that it needs no introduction. Every one of us might have come across this green board at least once in our common electronic devices like remotes, Toys, alarm clocks etc. These Printed circuit boards mechanically support and electrically connect all electronic components in a circuit design using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper on a non-conductiv
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Development Opportunity and Challenge of Flexible PCB03-21 11:18
Miniaturization and multiple functions development trend of electronic products definitely push PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing technology making progress towards high density, high accuracy, miniaturization and high speed. Because flexible PCB depends on substrate material with flexibility and is capable of being bent, which leads flexible PCB to be in light weight and small volume, recent years has witnessed its increasingly more applications in electronic products.
PCB factory china Challenges—Improve Your Switched-mode Power Supply Designs03-20 11:15
Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) appear simple to route on your PCB, but are they? This article identifies two noise sources and simple fixes to improve your EMC performance.
PCB supplier china:What is PCB?03-18 10:25
Before we get to the most significant item in current times, we must look at the definition of making Circuit Boards that help us work with more enthusiasm。
PCB manufacturer China: Talking about the application fields and characteristics of PCB03-17 10:40
PCB manufacturer China: Talking about the application fields and characteristics of PCB. PCB manufacturer China: What is a PCB? The English name of PCB is Printed Circuit Board, while the Chinese name is Printed Circuit Board.
Automotive PCB03-16 10:55
Automotive electronic products are import market for PCB. For automotive printed circuit boards, reliability is of the utmost importance.
What is multilayer PCB?03-15 02:40
PCB, or printed circuit board, is the mother of electronic products. The number of layers of the printed circuit board can be divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, and multilayer PCB.
The Rigid flex PCB that can save the sales volume of Xiaopeng is the G7, an additional electric car03-13 04:04
As may be known to the friends who are familiar with the new force of car building, in the past few years, people describe the head car enterprises of the new force of car building as "Wei Xiaoli", that is, Wei Lai, Ideal and Xiao Peng. However, after several years of development, many friends may also find that the ideal car has made great strides, the product line has been constantly enriched, the sales volume has also increased, and has become a favorite in the capital market.
What Health CARE PCB do?03-11 04:27
The medical field is different from before, and technological progress has revolutionized the industry. This change is more obvious in electronic diagnosis, research and treatment systems and tools. Every day, some complex electronic devices/instruments will be introduced to simplify various medical procedures.
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