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PCB supplier china:Common Issues Affecting A PCB

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PCB supplier china:Common Issues Affecting A PCB Having the prototype functioning well in the lab isn’t an indication that the PCB will perform similarly in the field. Under extreme environments, certain issues may appear and undermine the reliability of the PCB.

PCB supplier china:Amongst the issues, EMI and thermal management issues often plagued PCBs. EMI or Electromagnetic Interference is a phenomenon where certain components on a PCB areis disturbed by sources of electromagnetic noise whether internally or externally. It causes signal integrity issues, which can jeopardize the functional performance of the PCB.

PCB supplier china:Field performance of a PCB may differ from the lab.

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Thermal management issues occur when the heat generated by components such as regulators and power transistors are not dissipated efficiently. Insufficient trace width for copper traces carrying a high amount of current can also lead to thermal hotspots on the PCB.

Thankfully, designers can rely on PCB design software that is equipped with analysis tools to predict potential issues. OrCAD PCB Designer can get you through any layout you’d need, and the Cadence SI/PI Integrated Solution offers a wide range of tools for signal and power integrity.

If you’re looking to learn more about how Cadence has the solution for you, talk to us and our team of experts.

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