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Flexible PCB supplier china:What is a PCB?

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Flexible PCB supplier china:What is a PCB?

Flexible PCB supplier china:In today’s world Printed circuit boards have become very popular that it needs no introduction. Every one of us might have come across this green board at least once in our common electronic devices like remotes, Toys, alarm clocks etc. These Printed circuit boards mechanically support and electrically connect all electronic components in a circuit design using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper on a non-conductive substrate. Most times we take this humble board for granted and often pay no attention as to how it works. In this article we dig deep into these PCB and analyze them by each layer.

Conventional PCB

Layers of a PCB

Flexible PCB supplier china:There are many types of PCB options available in the market today, but irrespective of the type, every Printed circuit board will be made up of the following layers. The layers are arranged from top to bottom or easy understanding. Further the image below illustrates each layer in a actual PCB.

Silk Screen Layer

Solder Mask Layer

Conductivity Layer

The Board/Substrate Layer


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