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What’s the typical process flow for multi-layer PCB?2016-07-15 15:29
Material cutting- Inner dry film- inner etching- Inner AOI- Multi-bond – Layup- Pressing- Drilling- PTH – Panel Plating- Outer Dry Film- Pattern Plating- Outer etching- Outer AOI- Solder Mask- Component Mark – Surface finish- Routing – E/T – Visual Inspection.
What’s the key equipments for HDI manufacturing? Does Sun&Lynn’s capability can meet customer’s tech2016-07-15 15:29
Key equipments as following: Laser drilling machine, Pressing machine, VCP line, Automatic Exposing machine, LDI and etc. The equipments we bought are the best in the industry, laser drilling machines are from Mitsubishi and Hitachi, LDI machines are from Screen(Japan), Automatic Exposing machines are also from Hitachi, can meet customer’s technical requirements.
How many types of surface finish Sun&Lynn can do? How shall we choose surface finish for HDI PCB?2016-07-15 15:28
Sun&Lynn has a complete series of surface finish, such as: ENIG, OSP, HASL, Gold plating(soft/hard), Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Silver plating, Tin plating, Carbon Ink and etc.. OSP, ENIG, OSP+ENIG are widely used on HDI, usually we suggest customer use OSP or OSP+ENIG if the BGA PAD size smaller than 0.3mm.
What’s the shelf life for a PCB?2016-07-15 15:28
Please refer to the table below:
What’s your capability for FPC? Can Sun&Lynn provide SMT service also?2016-07-15 15:26
Sun&Lynn can fabricate FPC from single layer to 8layer, the working panel size can be as large as 2000mm*240mm, please find the details in the page “Technology capability” We also provide SMT one stop service to customer.
What are the main factors which will affect the price of PCB?2016-07-15 15:25
1: Material; 2: Surface finish; 3: Technology difficulty; 4: Different quality criteria;
What’s the definition of PCB, PWB andFPC and what’s the difference?2016-07-15 15:25
PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board; PWB is short for Printed Wire Board, same meaning as Printed Circuit Board; FPC is short for Flexible Printed Board.
What factors should be considered when choosing the material for a PCB board?2016-07-15 15:23
Below factors should be considered when we choose the material for PCB:
What’s the merits of Sun&Lynn’s rIgid-flex PCB?2016-07-15 15:23
Sun&Lynn’s rigid-flex PCB has the characters of both FPC and PCB, so it can be used in some special products. Some part is flexible while the other part rigid, it can help save product’s interior space, reduce product volume and improve performance.
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