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Preparing Your Design for High Frequency PCB Layout

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High frequency PCB supplier china:The best way to approach high speed design is to start small. Fast components often need fast tools and test equipment. Components commonly used in high speed digital circuits include microcontrollers, FPGAs, RF and MCU transceivers, and many other components. The cool thing about using these components is that manufacturers typically release development boards for them. These development boards usually cost only a few hundred dollars. Developers use development boards to quickly prototype designs and test new chips before moving to a full board layout.

High frequency PCB supplier china:If you want to experiment with any of the high speed devices, it becomes impractical to layout your board in an arbitrary way. You need to follow high speed design guidelines.

Flexible PCB

High frequency PCB supplier china:If you can lay down a bunch of electronic components on top of a development board and they work properly, then you should be able to lay your new board out however you want as long as it follows the same stackup design as your development board. In many cases, this won’t be possible, and you’ll need to integrate everything into a single PCB.

In general, high speed devices require careful design of components to meet electrical standards. High speed components often work best on a board where the designers have had the freedom to select all the component package, size, and spacing to meet a particular electrical specification. If a development board for a device you are interested in does not exist, you might find it helpful to design your own development board which you can put together with your very own hands on a breadboard. However, breadboards are not a place to implement high speed device circuits.

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