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PCB manufacturer China:How Do PCBA and PCB Relate to Each Other?

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PCB manufacturer ChinaPCB and PCBA are the results of two different steps of the same overall process. A PCB is a blank circuit board with no electronic components attached, while a PCBA is a completed assembly that contains all of the components required for the board to function as needed for the desired application. A PCB is not yet functional, while a PCBA is ready to be used in an electronic device.

Conventional PCB

PCB manufacturer China:Manufacturing a blank board is a simpler process than producing a completed PCBA because of the various components and processes involved in PCB assembly. It also costs more to produce a PCBA than a blank PCB. However, both steps are necessary to create a completed board. You can not create a PCBA without a PCB. PCB manufacturing is the first step in the process, and PCBA manufacturing builds upon that first step.

Flexible PCB

PCB manufacturer China:Another difference lies in how PCBs and PCBAs are packaged. PCBs are typically packaged using vacuum-packaging, while PCBAs require the use of compartmental or anti-static packaging.


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