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Benefits of Rigid Flex PCBs09-25 05:42
Benefits of Rigid Flex PCBs
FPC manufacturer:How to prevent PCB circuit board bending and warping in the reflow furnace09-24 03:17
Since "temperature" is the main source of circuit board stress, as long as the temperature of the reflow furnace is reduced or the rate of heating and cooling of the circuit board in the reflow furnace is slowed in FPC manufacturer,
Flexible PCB supplier china :Main factors effect your PCB cost09-23 02:51
Flexible PCB supplier china :Main factors effect your PCB cost
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Why Is Immersion Tin Used?09-22 06:30
Immersion Tin has been primarily used as an alternative to a lead-based surface finish in Flexible PCB manufacturer’s factory. It is also used for its very flat and smooth finish making it ideal for fine geometries and fine pitch surface mount components.
PCB factory china:Double-Sided & Multi-Layer Flex PCBs09-19 04:24
Hard gold is a gold alloy with complexes of cobalt, nickel or iron in PCB factory china. A low-stress nickel is used between gold over-plating and copper. Hard gold is not suitable for wire bonding.
What are the reasons for the failure of solder joints in Automotive PCB assembly09-18 12:27
With the development of electronic products to miniaturization and precision, the PCBA processing and assembly density adopted by the chip processing plant is getting higher and higher, and the solder joints in the circuit board are getting smaller and smaller
What are the common soldering defects of Multi-layer PCB09-17 05:33
Now Sun&Lynn Multi-layer PCB factory will explain to you what are the common soldering defects of PCB circuit boards:
Metal Core PCB Materials and Thickness09-16 03:03
The metal core of the thermal PCB can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB), copper (copper core PCB or a heavy copper PCB) or a mixture of special alloys.
Microwave PCB and Rigid flex PCB–Common Problems and Solutions09-15 08:51
Rigid flex PCB, and Microwave PCBs, are especially difficult to design compared to traditional PCB layouts.
PCB supplier china:RF Board Applications09-14 08:36
As PCB supplier china know that, RF boards have a multitude of different applications, including wireless technologies, smart phones, sensors, robotics and security.
PCB manufacturer China:What is a Microwave PCB09-13 08:34
The main difference between RF circuit boards and Microwave PCBs is in the radio frequency in which they operate.
Why do we Panelize Health care PCB as Tab-routing09-11 03:09
In the process of PCB manufacturing, we are offen suggested to panalize PCB as tab -routing to deal with our boards edge. here we will give you a detailed introduction of tab -routing process.
PCB manufacturer China:Class definitions of PCB Board09-10 04:55
As PCB manufacturer China knows that there are three general performance classifications currently being used in printed circuit board manufacturing.
What are the main factors affecting High frequency PCB09-09 03:38
The manufacturing cost of the circuit board has been the most concern of all electronic engineers, they want to realize the maximum profit of their products with the lowest cost.
FPC supplier:How to design a clear readable Silkscreen09-08 06:28
PCB Silkscreen are often used by engineers in FPC supplier’s factory and Assembly,
With the rapid development of electronics technology in China. More and more China FPC manufacturers are providing their best service to customers around the world. But what we need to know about Chinese FPC manufacturer when dealing with them?
Why to find Flexible PCB supplier china09-06 07:44
China is the world' s largest printed circuit board output value country. At present, the PCB output value in Asia is close to 90% of the world's total.
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you What is half hole printed circuit board09-04 03:37
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you a half hole printed circuit board refers to a hole (drill, gong groove) that is drilled and shaped, and then half of the metalized hole (groove) is retained.
PCB factory china tells you Bluetooth Circuit Board Design Guidelines09-03 06:43
Printed circuit boards in PCB factory china with Bluetooth technology can be problematic with interference, lost data and poor signal integrity if certain precautions aren't taken.
PCB supplier china:How to Clean PCBs09-02 11:36
Printed circuit boards produced by PCB supplier china, especially those used in PDAs (personal digital assistants) like cell phones, get a lot of abuse.
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