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How is FPCA manufacturing process.04-22 02:47
Flexible PCB supplier china tells you how is FPCA manufacturing process.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What are the classifications of dry film photoresists in FPC board04-21 02:30
In the FPCA board manufactured by the Flexible PCB manufacturer, the dry film is divided into 3 types according to the development and film removal methods after exposure:
PCB factory china:what are the characteristics of halogen-free sheet?04-20 11:38
PCB factory china tells you what are the characteristics of halogen-free sheet?
PCB supplier china:What are the standards for SMT and DIP assembly of components04-19 03:10
What is the standard of PCBA factory in the production of component device SMT and DIP assembly? The following PCB manufacturer China will take you to understand the relevant precautions:
PCB manufacturer China:What is Halogen Free PCB Board?04-18 04:00
Many customers will ask PCB manufacturers China to make Halogen Free PCB Board.
How to solve the problem of chip components standing up during Multi-layer PCB SMT assembly04-16 02:50
In the Multi-layer PCB SMT processing industry, most Multi-layer PCB SMT processing manufacturers will encounter the undesirable phenomenon.
Benefits of Flex rigid PCBs04-15 12:20
Benefits of Flex-Rigid PCBs
Rigid-Flex PCBs Fabrication Applications04-14 05:05
Rigid-Flex PCBs offer a wide array of applications, ranging from smart devices to cell phones and digital cameras. Increasingly, rigid-flex board fabrication has been used in medical devices such as pacemakers for their space and weight reduction capabilities.
Why are more and more customers choosing the One-Stop Health care PCB Assembly service04-13 02:44
Why are more and more customers choosing the One-Stop Health care PCB Assembly service?
What Affect PCB Metal core assembly Cost04-12 03:52
The price of most boards is largely determined by the number of layers, size, material, complexity and delivery.
Advantages of high-frequency PCB04-11 04:13
Advantages of high-frequency PCB
FPC supplier:What is FPC inspection04-09 11:54
In short, FPC supplier’s inspection is the act of mitigating errors or mistakes that may have emerged during the fabrication and assembly processes. This is done through a series of procedures that have largely become automated.
FPC manufacturer:Advantages and disadvantages of FPC flying probe testing04-08 03:00
After the FPC sample is manufactured by FPC manufacturer, it needs to be tested, and the quality can be guaranteed before it can be delivered to the customer. The FPC flying probe test is one of the more effective test methods.
What is HDI PCB?04-07 03:29
A high-density interconnector (HDI) PCB is a circuit board with a higher wiring density per unit area compared to more conventional boards.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What PCB finish you should use?04-06 07:20
What PCB finish you should use?
PCB factory china tells you how to fix PCB warpage04-03 03:30
Once a printed circuit board has become warped, it is nearly impossible to fix. Thus, the best method for fixing PCB warping is by mitigating risks that cause it from the start through smart board design,
PCB supplier china tells you What is MCPCB04-02 04:54
As PCB supplier china knows that,PCB is Metal Core Printed Circuit Board, that is, the original printed circuit board is attached to another metal with better heat conduction effect, which can improve the heat dissipation at the circuit board level.
PCB manufacturer China: What causes PCB warning04-01 06:46
As PCB manufacturer China knows that, Printed circuit boards can become unusable after warping too much. However, every single PCB will show some degree of warping due to the nature of their manufacturing process.
How to distinguish the number of Multi-layer PCB layers03-31 05:17
that is, only one side of the PCB board has lines (may have holes or no holes), and the other side is covered with substrate or direct insulating ink, without any lines and under strong light, the whole board is light-transmitting (except for individual sided pcb).
FPC board production process03-30 05:25
Single-sided flexible circuit board composition diagram
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