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PCB manufacturer China:What is PCB Backplane Testing12-01 11:52
As PCB manufacturer knows that, a backplane is an electronic system which contains slots and sockets to interconnect various PCB assemblies or devices in parallel to each other.
The difference between Flex Rigid PCB and A Flexible Circuit11-30 11:11
A Flex-Rigid PCB is a thing that the vast majority consider when they visualize a circuit board.
What are the benefits and advantages of the rigid-flex PCB board11-29 11:57
What are the benefits and advantages of the rigid-flex PCB board
Different Variations of Generating a Health care PCB11-28 02:33
Different Variations of Generating a Health care PCB
Applications Of Metal Core PCB11-26 02:03
The technology of the metal core PCB is ideal for its applications that generate immense heat and have difficulty being cool down using conventional fans or other cooling methods.
The basic structure of a high-frequency PCB11-25 02:36
The most basic high-frequency PCB has 4 layers and consists of the RF system and the digital circuit.
FPC supplier:The consumption of single-machine FPC has increased steadily and is expected to continu11-28 03:24
As FPC supplier knows that, from the previous functional mobile phones to the current smartphones, mobile phones are undergoing continuous updates and iterations.
FPC manufacturer tells you what is FPC board coating of resist11-23 02:24
Now, as FPC manufacturer knows that, the resist coating method is divided into the following three methods according to the precision and output of the circuit pattern: the screen printing method, the dry film/sensitization method, and the liquid resist sensitization method.
Flexible PCB supplier china :How To Choose Between Rigid PCBs and Flexible PCBs11-22 03:08
As flexible PCB supplier china knows that, FPC flexible circuit boards are used in links that require repeated bending and some small parts, and PCB rigid circuit boards are often used in places that do not require bending and are relatively rigid.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Space, Weight, and Cost Saving Benefits of Flex PCBs11-21 02:35
Restructuring a product to use flexible circuits instead of rigid boards presents immediate weight benefits. Users generally experience weight decreases of up to 75% when compared to conventional designs.
PCB factory china:The difference between immersion gold and gold plating11-19 05:03
PCB factory china tells you the difference between immersion gold and gold plating as following:
PCB supplier china:Why Solder Masks Use Different Colors11-18 11:48
As PCB supplier china knows that, the reflection, absorption or transmission properties of light will affect the assembly equipment.
What is the Multilayer PCB Benefits?11-15 04:56
From a technical point of view, multilayer PCBs present several advantages in design.
Why is Rigid flex PCB is so Expensive11-12 03:22
In simple words, we can say, “Yes, Rigid flex PCBs are very expensive.”
Flexible PCB supplier china:How To Etch A PCB Board11-05 11:47
As Flexible PCB supplier china knows that, generally, PCB board etching processes can be divided into two types: Wet etching and Dry etching.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is Copper layer in a PCB11-04 02:56
As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, the copper layer is the first layer on a 2-layer PCB stackup. It is 0.014 in thick, weighs a bit over an ounce, and is the signal layer.
PCB factory china :How to Select PCB Surface Coating11-03 11:06
As PCB factory china knows that, great attention has to be paid to PCB surface coating since it’s closely associated with PCB solderability, reliability and shelf life.
PCB supplier china:What Is Pcb Impedance11-02 02:14
As PCB supplier china knows that, the common sense impedance control is a force and position dependent physical dynamic control method.
PCB manufacturer China:Elements to be Considered in PCB Material Selection11-01 03:23
PCB manufacturer China:Elements to be Considered in PCB Material Selection
What are the options for metal core PCBs10-31 02:43
Aluminum PCBs are ordered more often because the price of aluminium PCBs is much more economical; they are used for LED lighting, audio frequency apparatus, and electronic communication equipment.
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