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PCB manufacturer China Why does Delaminati on happen

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  As PCB manufacturer China knows that, delamination has become more prevalent over the years due to the demands being placed on printed circuit board manufacturers as well as the temperatures required to make PCBs today.

  Moisture control in printed circuit board manufacturing has increasingly become a problem throughout the industry at large. Miniaturization has caused devices to become significantly smaller, increasing their overall sensitivity. With most global manufacturing outsourced to Southeast Asia, a notoriously humid environment, extra precautions need to be taken to de-humidify the manufacturing space. Compiled with the extra machinery required to remove moisture from devices, delamination is not only a major problem facing manufacturers today, but the problem is only becoming clearer with time.

  Although moisture may be the biggest reason why we’re seeing an increase in delamination, it can also be a fault of the design itself. The relationship between each part of a printed circuit board is extremely sensitive to fluctuations. Additional reasons delamination can occur include when:

The coefficient of thermal expansion between different materials doesn’t match.

The prepregs and the core’s grain direction are not aligned.

Lamination parameters are improperly calculated.

Foil is improperly distributed.

Drill values are incorrect.

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