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High frequency PCB offer a wide range of properties.

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High frequency PCB offer a wide range of properties.

Such as :

  • Low and stable dielectric constant: Dielectric constant is the ability of material to store energy in the electric field. The dielectric constant of a high frequency PCB is lower and stable. The lower dielectric constant leads to higher rate of frequency transmission. This also helps to ensure less signal delay.
  • Chemical resistance: High frequency PCBs can withstand chemical attacks if exposed to one. Due to this property, these circuit boards are less likely to corrode.
  • Dissipation factor: High frequency PCBs have a low dissipation factor that falls between 0.0019 and 0.025. This value helps to ensure that the signal transmission rate is not affected. It also ensures improved signal transmission and minimum signal loss.
  • Low dimensional stability: High frequency PCBs have low dimensional stability. These PCBs maintain their size irrespective of the temperature they are exposed to which means their size remains the same even though they are exposed to heat.
  • Low moisture absorption: High Frequency PCBs have a low rate of water absorption. It doesn’t absorb moisture and therefore can withstand a humid environment.
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