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Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you How are PCB substrates made

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As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, PCB substrates are organized by layers during their manufacturing. These can be as simple as one-sided PCBs or stacked in multi-layer PCB configurations. These layers alternate between dielectric material and metal foil.

The majority of PCB substrate materials are mixed with an epoxy, thanks to excellent electrical performance that come from lower dielectric constants and loss tangents compared to other materials. The chemistry of resins has evolved over time to address the higher temperatures of lead-free soldering, which has become important in the industry due to environmental concerns about lead-based printed circuit boards.

As we look into the kinds of substrate materials used in manufacturing printed circuit boards, it is important to remember that as performance improves, so does the cost. The kind of printed circuit boards required for telecommunications, military hardware, and aerospace engineering need to perform at much better rates than a telephone that might be discarded within a few years. Thus, when looking at the list, consider the end-use first before prioritizing optimal performance.

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