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FPC supplier:5G commercial has arrived, FPC will be more popular

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From the previous functional mobile phones to the current smartphones, mobile phones are undergoing continuous updates and iterations. With the continuous innovation of mobile phones, many intelligent application functions have been added at the same time, such as fingerprint recognition, multi-camera cameras and virtual side buttons, etc. And so on, and the arrival of these features also makes the available space inside the phone continue to decline.

As FPC supplier knows that, at this time, ordinary PCBs will continue to be reduced and replaced by foldable FPCs. In this way, the amount of FPC inside a single mobile phone will be increased. For example, a single mobile phone in the Apple mobile phone Iphone4 uses 10 FPCs, and the new IphoneXS has an increase of 24 FPCs for a single mobile phone. In the later period, smartphones will be thinner and lighter, and there will be more hardware functions, so the amount of FPC in a single mobile phone will continue to increase, and the demand for FPC will further increase.

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