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PCB supplier china:What is PCB?03-18 10:25
Before we get to the most significant item in current times, we must look at the definition of making Circuit Boards that help us work with more enthusiasm。
PCB manufacturer China: Talking about the application fields and characteristics of PCB03-17 10:40
PCB manufacturer China: Talking about the application fields and characteristics of PCB. PCB manufacturer China: What is a PCB? The English name of PCB is Printed Circuit Board, while the Chinese name is Printed Circuit Board.
Automotive PCB03-16 10:55
Automotive electronic products are import market for PCB. For automotive printed circuit boards, reliability is of the utmost importance.
What is multilayer PCB?03-15 02:40
PCB, or printed circuit board, is the mother of electronic products. The number of layers of the printed circuit board can be divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, and multilayer PCB.
The Rigid flex PCB that can save the sales volume of Xiaopeng is the G7, an additional electric car03-13 04:04
As may be known to the friends who are familiar with the new force of car building, in the past few years, people describe the head car enterprises of the new force of car building as "Wei Xiaoli", that is, Wei Lai, Ideal and Xiao Peng. However, after several years of development, many friends may also find that the ideal car has made great strides, the product line has been constantly enriched, the sales volume has also increased, and has become a favorite in the capital market.
High Frequency PCB (HFP)03-09 10:06
High frequency PCB manufacturing can be used when special signal requirements is needed for electronic equipment and products. The frequency range of 500MHz – 2GHz is its operation environment. Hence, these are ideal for high-end applications. Today, the complexity of electronic devices is rapidly increasing. Hence, we need high frequency PCB for providing faster signal flow rates.
FPC Manufacturer03-10 10:50
Http://www.pcb-factory.net/ is a leading manufacturer of precision Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) for customers worldwide. We specialize in quick-turn prototypes to mass productions, provide high quality and cost effective turn key solutions to our customers.
Flexible PCB Manufacturer03-10 10:59
Sun&Lynn was founded in 2002 and renamed Sun&Lynn in 2006. It has set up three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, Jiangxi Ganzhou and Zhuhai, Guangdong, with a total number of 4500 employees.
Top four Flexible PCB supplier china03-10 03:47
Flexible PCB supplier china, from prototyping to large-scale defect-free production, as well as PCB Assembly Services, is a difficult task.
PCB factory china:How are PCBs Released into the Environment03-06 02:08
As PCB factory china knows that, PCBs can be released into the air, water, and soil from a variety of sources.
PCB supplier china:Reasons and Advantages of Choosing Flex-Rigid PCB02-02 03:31
As PCB supplier china knows that, while this sort of flexible circuit might be progressively costly to structure and deliver, it offers various significant benefits to know about them just scroll down:
What is the differnece between the Rigid Flex PCB and A Flexible Circuit01-31 03:50
A Flex-Rigid PCB is a thing that the vast majority consider when they visualize a circuit board.
High Volume Health care PCB Assembly Benefits01-30 03:41
The following are the benefits of working with large volume or high volume health care PCB assembly.One Time Prototyping and Design Process.
Tells you What is a High Frequency PCB01-11 02:20
A high frequency printed circuit board, whether it’s rigid or flex, offers faster signal flow rates and a frequency range of up to 100 GHz. It’s important to note that there are numerous materials designed to operate at high frequency levels.
FPC supplier:What Is The Difference Between Flexible PCB Coverlay And Solder Mask Layer01-10 11:25
As FPC supplier knows that, the circuitry of the exposed external layers of flexible printed circuits can be encapsulated with either a polyimide coverlay or a flexible solder resist or solder mask.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is Flexible PCB Used For?01-06 11:29
As flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, the flexible PCB is used for a wide range of purposes. It is present on your smartphone, smartwatch, calculator, printer, car, computer, and almost everything you use in your daily life.
PCB factory china:How are Layers Connected in Multilayer PCB01-05 03:01
As PCB factory china knows that,the stack-up of the layers is clear, but the question that comes to mind is about the connection of these layers.
PCB supplier china:How are Aluminum PCBs made?01-04 11:42
As PCB supplier china knows that, like other printed circuit boards, aluminum PCB boards comprise a circuit layer, a thermal insulation layer, and a base layer.
PCB manufacturer China:What is Via Hole in PCB01-03 03:06
As PCB manufacturer China knows that, Via is one of the important components of multilayer PCBs. The copper foil circuit in different layers of the circuit board is connected by this kind of hole.
What Are the Types of Rigid Flexible PCB?12-29 10:21
If it is classified according to the process, the way of joining the flexible pcb and the rigid pcb can be divided into two types of products:
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