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Flexible PCB Manufacturer

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Sun&Lynn,flexible PCB manufacturer was founded in 2002 and renamed Sun&Lynn in 2006. It has set up three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, Jiangxi Ganzhou and Zhuhai, Guangdong, with a total number of 4500 employees. Since 2004, the sales volume has maintained an annual growth of more than 10%. By 2022, the sales volume will reach 3.33 billion yuan, ranking 13th among the top 100 domestic PCB enterprises of CPCA. It has developed into a valuable PCB manufacturing enterprise in China, for communications, new energy, security, industrial control. Global customers in medical, automotive and other fields provide one-stop professional services for PCB, HDI, soft and hard combination board, FPC and FPCBA.

Sun&Lynn Shenzhen Factory mainly produces through-hole, copper substrate, iron substrate, aluminum substrate, ceramic substrate, high-frequency materials and other high and multi-layer PCBs, with a monthly capacity of 80000 ㎡; Ganzhou No. 1 Factory mainly produces HDI and through-holes, with a monthly capacity of 80000 ㎡; Ganzhou No. 2 Factory mainly produces large quantities of through-holes, with a monthly capacity of 250000 ㎡; Ganzhou No. 3 Factory mainly produces FPC and FPCA, soft and hard combination PCB, with a monthly capacity of 70000 ㎡. The total monthly production capacity can reach 480000 m2.


Sun&Lynn pays attention to scientific and technological innovation. It has 400 professional engineers and technicians with more than 17 years of PCB experience. 5% of the annual sales are invested in research and development. It has successively obtained 82 national patents, and has passed 12 international certifications such as ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18001, EICC, IATF16949, ISO13485, UL, QC08000.


Sun&Lynn has always regarded environmental protection as its own responsibility, adhering to the environmental policy of "compliance with laws and regulations, prevention of pollution, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and continuous improvement", invested 60 million yuan to build an advanced wastewater.

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