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Flexible PCB supplier China:Difference Between FR4, Polyimide (PI)10-09 11:42
FlexiblePCBsupplierChina learned that,FR4 glass epoxy is the most common and cost effective stiffening option due to the same laminate material being used for the FPC substrate.
PCB manufacturer China:Chinese mainland PCB companies rank second in global market share in 202210-06 03:00
PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,Sep 27 -- Chinese mainland PCB companies ranked second in global market share at 31.52% in 2022, following those in the Taiwan region with 31.97%
PCB manufacturer China:Types of PCBs09-28 04:31
PCBmanufacturerChina talk there are seven main types of printed circuit boards.
Metal core PCB manufacturer: “The US has lost the chip war to China”09-27 10:59
MetalcorePCB manufacturer learned that,Sep 25-- Robert Maire, an US semiconductor industry analyst, shared his personal opinion that "We have already lost the war to keep China out of 5G and AI."
High frequency PCBs09-26 11:23
A high frequency printed circuit board, whether it’s rigid or flex, offers faster signal flow rates and a frequency range of up to 100 GHz.
Flexible PCB supplier China :How to Judge Whether The FPC is Good or Bad?09-25 12:00
FlexiblePCBsupplierChina talked,with the continuous development of science and technology, all fields have realized intelligence, so FPC circuit boards have also been widely used in all fields.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:FPC unit price affected by what factors09-23 02:16
FPC soft board is made of polyester film or polyester imine, light and thin, high density, high flexibility, can be bent and folded, with other types of circuit boards do not have the advantages.
Properties and Applications of Automotive PCB09-22 11:55
The effectiveness and other many advantages of automobile PCB decide their popularity.
Multi-layer PCBs :Manufacturing, and Applications09-21 02:36
Multi-layerPCBs contain three or more copper conductive layers — usually with plated through holes.If a board is constructed with both flexible and rigid materials.
PCB supplier China:PCB Surface Finishes - OSP09-20 11:24
Copper is continuously oxidized by the air, which leaves it discoloured and brittle.
PCB manufacturer China:Blind and Buried Via in PCB09-19 02:40
PCBmanufacturerChina talked,as a matter of fact, most high-performance boards cannot go without blind and buried vias.
About of Flex rigid PCB09-18 01:59
Flex-rigid PCB is a sheet that uses a blend of flexible and rigid board advances in an application.
About Rigid flex PCB09-16 11:44
Rigid-flex PCBs are a hybrid of flex and rigid circuits.
Applications and Types of Health care PCB09-15 02:46
HealthcarePCB manufacturer learned that,Printed circuit boards have become critically important in the medical field.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Why Buy Flexible PCB Board?09-14 02:52
Flexible printed circuit boards are suited to a variety of situations where rigid circuit boards.
Flexible PCB supplier China :Application of FPC in new energy vehicl09-13 03:18
PCB manufacturer talked,compared with copper wire harnesses, FPC has outstanding advantages in safety, lightweight, and regular layout due to its high integration, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-softness and other characteristics.
PCBmanufacturerChina:China's automobile export value increases RMB442.7 billion in the first eight m09-12 11:43
PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,China's automobile export value registered at RMB442.7 billion ($60.42 billion), an increase of 104.4% year on year in the first eight months of 2023
What is Metal core PCB Advantages?09-11 02:59
Metal core PCBs possess the ability to integrate a dielectric polymer layer with high thermal conductivity for lower thermal resistance.
High Frequency PCB Importance in Electronics Manufacturing09-09 02:12
High frequency PCBs offer great features that make them suitable for use in different applications.
FPC manufacturer:What are the factors of FPC processing cost?09-07 03:07
FPC is a product with a high degree of customization, and there are many components that will affect the cost of FPC.
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