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Http://www.pcb-factory.net/ is a leading manufacturer of precision Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) for customers worldwide. We specialize in quick-turn prototypes to mass productions, provide high quality and cost effective turn key solutions to our customers.

Http://www.pcb-factory.net/ is a Division of the manufacturer which is a leading supplier of precision Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) for all kinds' electronic devices. Juniper circuits specialize in fine lines, tight tolerances, and top quality requirements. Through quick-turn prototype to mass production manufacturing. Juniper Circuits can produce FPC where others cannot.

Http://www.pcb-factory.net/ only provides Flex Circuits which are 100% "RoHS - Compliant". We have Lead-Free technologies. We can support customers achieve Lead-Free from our board's raw materials and manufacturing, to assembly. For more options of Lead-Free, please consider our Capabilities section. Or, give us an email, our staffs are very happy to help you.

      Http://www.pcb-factory.net/ a high quality, customer driven manufacturing company. We define quality as conformance to            customer requirements; we specialize in accepting and meeting the complex of requirements.

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