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PCB manufacturer China:Types of PCBs

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PCBmanufacturerChina talk there are seven main types of printed circuit boards.The main categories of PCBs are defined by the number of layers and their degree of flexibility.



Single-sided PCBs or single-layer printed circuit boards have the simplest PCB design and simplest manufacturing process.The board has a single layer of conductive material.Components are only mounted on one side of the board.It is a straightforward assembly line process.


Double sided PCBs have a thin layer of conductive material like copper applied to both the top and bottom of the board.In general, one side is processed.Then the board is flipped and the other side is processed.The double-layer PCB may need to have holes in the board to connect components on both sides.This type of PCB costs a little more to make than single-sided boards, but it dramatically reduces the amount of space the PCB takes up.These boards are commonly used in industrial controls, cell phones, and UPS systems.


Multi-layered PCBs have by definition more than 2 layers.This means it has at least three conductive layers.They’re more difficult to design and manufacture.They’re commonly found in GPS systems, satellites, and servers.


A rigid PCB refers to any printed circuit board that cannot be bent or twisted.They may be single layer, double layer, or have multiple layers.


Flexible PCBs (FPC)or flex circuits use a PCB material like polyimide to create a PCB that can be bent or folded.They can have any number of layers, but it is typically just one or two.


Rigid-Flex PCBs are flexible in some areas and rigid in others.The most common configuration has several flexible layers of the PCB mounted on a rigid PCB layer.It is often a composite material of sorts.This design is regularly used in automobiles, cameras, and cell phones.This reduces the risk of mechanical failure due to vibration.


Aluminum backed printed circuit boards are so different from the standard fiberglass and copper printed circuit board that it is considered its own product class.


These PCBs generally have an aluminum core combined with standard FR-4.These PCBs are often the best choice for high power applications because it can dissipate heat so well.


Aluminum PCBs can withstand much higher temperatures and stresses than fiberglass, as well.This is why they’re used in power supply controllers in car engines and AC/DC converters.The board still uses a copper layer, typically an electrolytic copper foil, to connect the electrical components.The aluminum substrate forms the main insulating layer.


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