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High frequency PCBs

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What is a HighfrequencyPCB?



A high frequency printed circuit board, whether it’s rigid or flex, offers faster signal flow rates and a frequency range of up to 100 GHz.It’s important to note that there are numerous materials designed to operate at high frequency levels.HF PCBs are defined by lower dielectric constant (Dk), lower dissipation factor (Df), and low levels of thermal expansion.They are used regularly for HDI technology.They are also used extensively in high speed communications, telecommunications, and RF microwave technology.


Applications for HF PCBs

FPCsupplierChina talk,High frequency rigid and flex PCBs are used in many products and across many industries, including:


· Cell phone

· Telecommunications

· Military and aerospace

· RF microwave

· Automotive (mainly LIDAR, which is a mini radar that communicates a vehicle’s surroundings)

High-density interconnect and high-speed design applications



Materials Used for HF PCBs



Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of PCB.  There are a variety of substrate materials that will support your design and may differ based on signal speeds required and the application/environment of the circuit board.


In terms of price, FR4 is the least expensive compared to dedicated high speed materials  and Teflon, with Teflon being the most expensive.  Though, FR-4 starts to drop off in performance when signal speed edges above 1.6ghz


Newer generation substrates, Teflon, and flex circuits are the best options when it comes to Dk, Df, water absorption, and survivability in the environment


If a printed circuit board requires a frequency above 10GHz, newer generation substrates, Teflon, and Flex substrates are your best option since they are far superior to traditional FR-4 material.


The most common suppliers of high speed substrates are Rogers, Isola, Taconic, Dupont, and Megtron materials by Panasonic.  All of these materials typically are lower Dk and lower loss.


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