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Flexible PCB manufacturer:FPC unit price affected by what factors

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FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talked,FPC  is made of polyester film or polyester imine, light and thin, high density, high flexibility, can be bent and folded, with other types of circuit boards do not have the advantages.Compared to traditional interconnect technology, FPC flexible plate can withstand millions of bending, easy installation, good heat dissipation.



So, FPC is affected by what factors?


1.FPC soft board selection of different materials resulting in different prices


2.  The process used for flexible velvet road board does not cause different prices


3.  Mulberry circuit board itself technical difficulty caused by different prices


4.Prices vary according to customer requirements


5.Flexible circuit board manufacturers caused by different price diversity


6.The difference in price between different payment methods


7.Prices vary by region


8.The price caused by different electroplating methods is not the same


9.  Gold finger part of the surface treatment


10.The unit price of FPC is determined by the defect rate in FPC production


11.The unit price of FPC is also determined  by SMT cost and  defect rate


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