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What is Metal core PCB Advantages?

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Applications of Metal core PCB


MetalcorePCBs are most widely found in LED lighting technologies.Some of the popular applications are:



· LED – Backlight unit, general lighting

· Automotive – motor control for Electric/Hybrid cars

· Motor drives

· Solid-state relays

· Power supply devices – voltage regulators,  switching regulators, DC-DC Converters

· Solar panels, Photovoltaic Cells

· Motion control


FPCsupplierChina talked Advantages of  Metal core PCB


Metal core PCBs possess the ability to integrate a dielectric polymer layer with high thermal conductivity for lower thermal resistance.


· The higher the conductivity of the material, the faster the heat transfer.

· The metal boards can be etched to control heat flow away from components

· Boards with aluminum, tend to be lighter in weight than ceramics.

· Metal substrates are long-lasting and are more conductive than epoxy products.

· Metals are non-toxic and recyclable.

· Implemented in high-vi bration applications. The components don't fall off since the core reduces the vibration.


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