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PCB manufacturer China:Chinese mainland PCB companies rank second in global market share in 2022

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PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,Sep 27 -- Chinese mainland PCB companies ranked second in global market share at 31.52% in 2022, following those in the Taiwan region with 31.97%, said market research agency N.T. Information.


Japan and South Korea ranked third and fourth with 15.9% and 10.67% market shares, respectively, in 2022.



The global PCB industry output value increased by 6.7% year-on-year in 2022, and there were 139 PCB factories with annual revenue exceeding $100 million.


Compared with 2021, the total revenue of the top 100 PCB factories in 2022 was up by 4.5% to 11.6%, and the average annual growth rate of the top 25 manufacturers exceeded 11%, expanding their advantages.


FPCmanufacturer learned taht,according to the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), Taiwanese companies occupied five of the top ten PCB manufacturers in the world.


Chinese mainland manufacturers accounted for the most seats among the top 100 PCB manufacturers, reaching 64, followed by Taiwanese (27), Japanese (21), South Korean (14), American (5), European (5), and Southeast Asian (5), said N.T. Information.


Regarding product type, chip carrier boards accounted for 20% of the total output value in 2022. The figure did not include revenue from subsequent packaging processes, which is $88 billion.


PCB substrate manufacturers are currently actively investing, with the current total investment exceeding $30 billion, according to N.T. Information.


In terms of production location, PCBs manufactured in the Chinese mainland accounted for 58.1% of the world's total, followed by the Taiwan region (12.2%), South Korea (8.8%), and Japan (6.7%).


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