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Smart wearable devices increases market needs for rigid flex PCB08-04 02:20
Rigid flex PCB is the combination of the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board. After pressing and other processes, they are combined according to relevant process requirements to form a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics.
Semiconductor photolithography is a method of fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in PCB supplier china and microprocessors.
PCB manufacturer China:What is PCB Tombstoning08-02 09:21
PCB Tombstoning occurs due to a mismatch in the solder solidification time during the PCB manufacturer China PCB assembly process. The term solder solidification or ‘Wetting’ comes in to the picture when surface mount components are soldered to their respective pads.
The Uses of Multi-layer PCB Board07-31 03:37
The electronics industry would collapse without circuit boards because they are essential to the proper functioning of almost every electronic device.
What are Fiducial Marks on a Flex rigid PCB07-30 04:55
Fiducial marks are recognition marks, created in the form of small pads on the Flex rigid PCB board to act as reference points for PCB Stencil alignment and for automated component placement by Pick and Place machines.
Rigid flex PCB:What is Flying Probe Testing07-29 05:18
Flying Probe Testing (FPT) is a automated test used evaluate proper operation of components on a PCB board.
Health care PCB:What is DRC in Printed Circuit Boards07-28 12:08
Design Rule Checking (DRC) is a process used to identify errors and mismatches such as spacing & trace widths in a health care PCB design/layout.
Metal core PCB:What is a PCB Stencil07-27 02:42
PCB Stencils are manufactured by creating openings through lasers on a stainless steel foil based sheet at the positions where Surface Mount components need to be placed on the Metal core PCB board.
High frequency PCB:What is an Annular Ring07-27 02:33
A via is created by drilling a hole through a copper pad etched on each layer of a High frequency PCB. An Annular Ring is the area between the edge of the drilled via and the copper pad associated with that hole. The greater the width of an annular ring, the greater the copper connection around the drilled via will be.
A high temperature circuit board is generally defined as an instance where the glass transition temperature (or Tg) is greater than 170°C as fpc supplier discriped.
FPC Manufacturer Explains the Different Types of FPC vs Rigid Pcbs07-24 04:04
After creating a single-panel substrate circuit and adding a film coating layer, it becomes the most basic flexible PCB.
Flexible PCB supplier china :What is BGA Reballing?07-22 02:33
The process of replacing all soldered balls on the chip ball grid array is called BGA Reballing.
Flexible PCB manufacturer Surface Coating Functions07-21 05:13
Copper has been selected as conductive material by PCB (Printed Circuit Board) owing to its excellent conductivity and physical performance.
PCB factory china:What is Water-Soluble Solder Paste?07-20 12:10
Water-Soluble Solder Paste as the name suggests is solder paste whose flux residue left after the solder reflow process can be dissolved or removed with water.
PCB supplier china:Stanford Develop New Manufacturing Technique for Flexible Electronics07-19 05:34
Researchers at Stanford University have invented a manufacturing technique that yields flexible, atomically thin transistors less than 100 nano meters in length – several times smaller than previously possible.
PCB manufacturer China Didi was was removed from application stores......07-17 12:23
As PCB manufacturer China know that, Didi, a popular ride-hailing app, was removed from application stores after the Cyberspace Administration of China verified a report about its illegal collection and use of personal information on Sunday.
Automotive PCB:SpaceX moon mission billionaire reveals who might get a ticket to ride Starship07-16 12:19
As automotive PCB factory know, the dear Moon mission provides an update featuring ballet dancers, photographers, artists and Steve Aoki.
Multi-layer PCB:What is Response to Pause in Solder Paste07-15 07:27
During the PCB Assembly process in Multi-layer PCB factory, SMT lines often need to be stopped to replenish components in the pick and place machines or fix a faulty machine.
What are Flex rigid PCB Gold Fingers?07-14 08:40
Gold Fingers are the gold plated narrow connectors found on the edge of flex rigid PCB to enable connections between multiple boards.
What is Rigid flex PCB Baking?07-13 05:42
Rigid flex PCB baking is a way to remove moisture from a fabricated PCB. When the surface of a PCB is cooler than the air that surrounds it, condensation can occur.
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