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Technical Parameters

Part Number:M02P00632
Layer count: 2
Board thickness:0.8mm
Raw material:Taconic
Copper thickness on the board surface:≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole barrel:20um
Min.line width/space:0.46mm
Minimum hole diameter:0.9mm 
Surface finishing:mmersion tin, >1um

Technology Feature



High volume production capability - 1 million Sqft.
















     We have customized plasma desmear machine and VCP plating line
     to provide excellent uniformity of barrel copper thickness and
     high consistency of impedance value.












   Our tailored solution provides you with the benefits
   of specialized facilities that meet strict telecom
   standards combined with cost efficient manufacturing
   as well as our advantage of strategic partnership
   with world-class advanced micro-wave material.








IPC standard compliant, strive for 100% FQC pass.






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