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Health care PCB:What is DRC in Printed Circuit Boards

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Design Rule Checking (DRC) is a process used to identify errors and mismatches such as spacing & trace widths in a health care PCB design/layout. The layout of a PCB board is designed using software, each PCB fabricator has a set of rules which they publish that specify various parameters such as what the spacing between each line should be, the minimum size of vias, the width of a line etc.

Once a design is submitted to a PCB Fabricator, they run a DRC to ensure that the submitted design complies to their published standard. This ensures that the health care PCB will be fabricated to spec. If there are any mis-matches the DRC points them out and the designer then updates the design/layout accordingly. DRC (Design Rule Checking) is a must to ensure there are no design violations in the PCB. This check is done prior to the manufacturing of the final board.

The Design Rules are different for each PCB fabricator. Users should check the design rules of a PCB fabricator before submitting a health care PCB Design to the manufacturer.


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