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Metal core PCB:What is a PCB Stencil

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PCB Stencils are manufactured by creating openings through lasers on a stainless steel foil based sheet at the positions where Surface Mount components need to be placed on the Metal core PCB board.

The stencil is then placed on the top of the Metal core PCB and aligned perfectly using positioning points called fiducial marks. After alignment, the solder paste is applied with a metal squeegee blade. As a result of this, the solder paste gets applied to the Metal core PCB board where the surface mount components need to be placed. So when the stencil is removed, components can be placed on the board.

While developing or ordering a PCB stencil, there are some important points to keep in mind:

Thickness of the stainless steel sheet: Accurate thickness of the stencil sheet ensures the release of the desired amount of solder paste through the opening.

The thickness of the sheet and aperture size are important factors that affect the amount of solder paste to be deposited on the board since extra solder deposition can cause solder bridging. On the other hand, less solder deposition can also create weak solder joints, which affect the functionality of the final PCB board.


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