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FPC manufacturer tech you how to recognize the best FPC product05-26 12:22
FPC, so called flexible Printed Circuits, a flexible printed circuit board features a combination of several printed circuits as well as components that are positioned on a flexible substrate.
Sun&Lynn | Global electric vehicle sales increasing and affect Automotive PCB manufaturer05-24 04:49
Global electric vehicle sales picked up speed in the first quarter, PCB manufacturer also increases sales in automotive PCB
FPC factory facing opportunities04-09 10:58
With the commercialization of 5G, technologies and services such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous driving, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 are also benefiting. AR(Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality), Internet of Vehicles, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Energy,
The method that circuit board factory saves manufacture cost03-11 12:21
PCB in supplier China is the support of circuit components in electronic products. It provides electrical connections between circuit elements and devices, It's a basic part of all kinds of electronic devices, Its performance is directly related to the quality of electronic equipment.
maintenance of equipment of PCB factory02-26 04:53
(1) Lubrication is to add specified lubricating oil to the transmission part to keep it in a good lubrication state at all times. the responsibility of the equipment department is to fill the tank at locations what exept the designated refueling points of each shift operator.
Battery interference in automotive PCB02-06 11:06
Automotive electronics is the third largest application field of PCB after computer and communication equipment. Automobiles have gradually evolved from the traditional sense of mechanical products to electromechanical integration, intelligence,
Analysis of influencing factors of multilayer PCB design01-29 11:18
Lamination is the arrangement of the copper layers and insulators that make up the circuit board before the final layout of the PCB design. Planning a good setup is not an easy task, and companies that manufacture multilayer PCB must be the leaders of the professionals.
Advantages and Disadvantages of flex rigid PCB01-23 05:59
The birth and development of FPC and PCB, gave birth to the combination of flex rigid PCB this new product. Therefore, the combination of flex rigid PCB, is the flexible circuit board and hard circuit board, after pressing and other processes, according to the relevant process requirements combined together, the circuit board of a FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics was formed.
High frequency PCB:The Principle of Face Recognition06-19 02:36
Face recognition is a kind of biological recognition technology based on human face information for identity recognition. In face recognition, whether there is a face is first determined. If there is, the size, location and information of each organ of the face are further given. Based on these information, the characteristics and identity of the person are further extracted and matched with the existing face for recognition.
FPC supplier:US Enterprises to Cooperate with Huawei to Develop 5G Network Standards06-12 12:22
The U.S. government confirmed on Monday that it will revise the ban on U.S. businesses from doing business with Huawei and allow it to cooperate in developing next-generation 5G network standards. The U.S. government listed Huawei on the so-called "entity list" of the U.S. Department of Commerce last year, restricting the sale of U.S. goods and technologies to the company on grounds of national security.
FPC manufacturer:Huawei responded by allowing U.S. companies to work with it to develop 5G network s06-05 12:17
U.S. Commerce Department Announces New Rules to Allow U.S. Enterprises to Cooperate with Huawei on 5G Standard Formulation. The U.S. Department of Commerce said that according to the new regulations of the Industrial and Security Bureau (BIS), U.S. companies will not need to obtain a license before contacting Huawei. In response to this, Huawei issued a statement on the evening of the 16th, saying that Huawei's attitude is consistent. We are willing to have frank discussions and exchanges on the
PCB supplier china:Can biosensors replace blood sampling?05-12 11:42
When biosensors are applied to a patient's skin like bandages, their sweat will be directed into those collected micropores. The dye applied to the bottom of each well then changes color according to the pH level of sweat and its chloride, glucose and calcium concentrations. Most people may not like to be taken blood samples, so a large number of non-invasive devices such as skin patches have emerged in recent years to analyze health data. A new cheap bandage biosensor simplifies this concept be
PCB manufacturer China:What is a respirator and how does it work04-24 03:15
Respirators perform important medical operations to fully absorb the respiratory process when diseases seriously affect lung work. For patients with advanced COVID-19, it is very important to provide additional oxygen sources and provide them with precious time to recover and resist infection. Such equipment is needed when the lungs cannot perform their natural function of absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. The function of respirator is to stabilize the patient and perform the functio
Automotive PCB:Samsung Electronics Successfully Achieved the Industry's Fastest 5G Speed04-17 11:07
According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics said recently that it had achieved the fastest 5G speed in the industry in a laboratory demonstration that combined multiple channels of millimeter wave spectrum with 800MHz spectrum using carrier aggregation technology.
Multi-layer PCB:There was a case of 5G base station being burned in Holland.04-15 09:16
According to foreign media reports, a 5G base station case was discovered in the Netherlands last week. There have been four similar cases recently. Some arsonists even left anti-5G slogans on telecommunication towers.
Flex rigid PCB:Working Principle of Ultrasonic Sensor in Car Reversing Radar04-03 08:43
The full name of the reversing radar is "reversing collision avoidance radar", also called "parking assistance device", which is a safety assistance device when a car is parking or reversing. The circuit board editor learned that it is composed of ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as probe), controller and display (or buzzer) etc.
Rigid flex PCB:Will the plug-in hybrid car be fed?03-27 08:34
First of all, for the plug-in hybrid operation, will there be a power feed state? For this case, first of all, let's look at what is power feed. In fact, a simple understanding of power loss means that when the battery power is lower than the set value, this is power feed. According to the setting of some models, the power battery power is lower than 15% and the engine is forced to start charging the battery, so this is a power feed state.
Health care PCB:How does intelligent wearable medical equipment monitor heart rate?03-20 10:08
As an important medium of intelligent medical treatment, the explosive growth of intelligent bracelet in recent days has increasingly narrowed the direct distance between health-grade and medical-grade medical devices. Heart rate monitoring, which was originally a professional diagnosis, has also moved from hospitals to families. So intelligent bracelet monitoring heart rate is unreliable? What principle does it use to carry out such professional work?
Metal core PCB:Difficulties Behind the Development of Wearable Medical Equipment Market03-13 12:25
Currently, there are more than 100 brands searching for wearable products such as wearable watches and bracelets on e-commerce platforms. The latest report released by IDC, a market research institution, shows that the global wearable device shipment volume reached 11.4 million units in the first quarter of this year, up 200% year on year, achieving an increase for the eighth consecutive quarter. However, currently wearable medical equipment basically stays in the health management of peripheral
High frequency PCB:Is infrared thermometer harmful to human body03-06 11:37
The working principle of the infrared thermometer is that when the infrared thermal radiation of the human body is focused on the detector, the detector converts the radiation power into an electrical signal, which is displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for the ambient temperature, so the infrared thermometer does not emit infrared rays to the human body, but receives the infrared thermal radiation emitted by our body, which is harmless to our eyes and body.
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