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Solder Joint Quality Inspection in SMT Health care PCB Assembly

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The quality of solder joints is very important in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Health care PCB assembly. The quality of solder joints can directly see the effect of soldering, and the quality of SMT assembly can be directly seen from the quality of solder joints. The improvement in ensuring the quality of solder joints in electronic processing is always on the move and never stops.

1. Detection method:

1.1. The surface of the solder joints must be detailed, smooth and bright, without defects;

1.2. The aspect ratio of electronic components should be moderate, and the appropriate amount of welding material and welding material must completely cover the welding position of the pad and the lead wire;

1.3. The solder joints of the SMT Health care PCB assembly should have excellent wettability, and the edge of the electric welding joint should be thin.

2. Detection content:

2.1. Whether the component is ignored;

2.2. Whether the components are wrongly pasted;

2.3. Will it cause a short circuit fault?

2.4. The components are not connected in a virtual way and are not solid.

3. Reasons for missing parts:

3.1. The electronic device feeding rack in SMT Health care PCB assembly is not feeding in time;

3.2. The air supply of the vacuum suction cup of the component is blocked, the vacuum suction cup is damaged, and the aspect ratio of the vacuum suction cup is wrong;

3.3. Common faults and blockages in the vacuum circuit of machinery and equipment;

3.4. The circuit board is not well received and causes deformation;

3.5. There is no flux paste or too little flux paste on the pads of the circuit board;

3.6. Quality problems of electronic components, the same component but inconsistent thickness;

3.7. There are gaps in the start-up procedure of the SMT equipment, or the selection of the main parameters of the thickness of the electronic components is incorrect when writing the program;

3.8. Accidentally knocked off by human error.

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