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High frequency PCB:How to expand the life of your cellphone

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How to expand the life of your cellphone?Let High frequency PCB factory tell you some facts:

Don't: Burn out your battery

You might be abusing your battery, especially if you have a habit of leaving the screen on, shutting down apps or tossing it in your bag on a particularly frigid morning.

Smartphones are designed to keep apps open in the background. Forcibly closing them may satisfy that little part of your brain that wants to keep things neat and tidy, but because it takes more juice to start an app fresh than to wake it up, you're beating up on your battery every time you do it. Stop!

Avoid letting the temperature of your battery-powered gadgets dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or soar above 95 degrees. In either case, damage can occur, lowering – in some cases, dramatically – the life of your battery.

Do: Charge early and often

Petri Hayrynen, senior product marketing manager of Global Smart Devices at HMD Global, said that charging your phone to 100% may seem like a good idea, but if you’re using a high-voltage charger, it can put a strain on your battery. Instead, he said to pull the plug at 80%-90% for optimal usage.

“Old nickel-based batteries had a memory effect, which meant that if you didn’t charge them from 1-100%, they started to ‘forget’ their maximum capacity. As for the modern-day lithium batteries, the most stress is put on the battery when charging or discharging them fully; both reduce the charging cycles and overall battery life cycle,” Hayrynen said.

Hayrynen explained that people should do “more fast top-ups during the day,” versus charging

smartphones overnight.

Try to keep the battery above 30% or so, letting it discharge occasionally to calibrate the sensors, and you'll keep your battery healthier longer. To get the absolute fastest charge, toggle on Airplane Mode after plugging it in.

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