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PCB supplier china:What is PCB bonding?

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As PCB supplier china knows that,PCB bonding is a method of wire bonding in the chip production process. It is generally used to connect the internal circuit of the chip with gold wire or aluminum wire and the package pins or circuit board gold-plated copper foil before packaging.

Ultrasonic waves from an ultrasonic generator (generally 40-140KHz), the high-frequency vibration is generated by the transducer, and transmitted to the riving knife through the horn. When the ribbing knife is in contact with the lead wire and the workpiece to be welded, under the action of pressure and vibration, the surfaces of the metals to be welded rub against each other , the oxide film is destroyed, and plastic deformation occurs, causing the two pure metal surfaces to be in close contact, achieving the combination of atomic distances, and finally forming a firm mechanical connection. Generally, after bonding (that is, after the circuit is connected to the pins), the chip is packaged with black glue.


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