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What is The advantage of theMulti-layer PCB bonding packaging

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The advantage of the Multi-layer PCB bonding packaging method is that the finished product is much higher than the traditional SMT patch method in terms of anti-corrosion, shock resistance and stability. At present, the widely used SMT technology is to solder the pins of the chip on the circuit board. This production process is not suitable for the processing of mobile storage products. There are problems such as virtual soldering, false soldering, and missing soldering in the packaging test.

 In the process of daily use, due to the long-term exposure of the solder joints on the Multi-layer PCB to natural and human factors such as moisture, static electricity, physical wear, and slight acid corrosion, the product is prone to short circuits, open circuits, and even burns. The bonding chip is to connect the internal circuit of the chip to the packaging pins of the circuit board through gold wires, and then cover it with organic materials with special protection functions to complete the post-package. The chip is completely protected by organic materials and is isolated from the outside world. There is no Moisture, static electricity and corrosion occur; at the same time, the organic material is melted at high temperature, covered on the chip, and then dried by the instrument.

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