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PCB supplier china tells you What is MCPCB

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As PCB supplier china knows that,PCB is Metal Core Printed Circuit Board, that is, the original printed circuit board is attached to another metal with better heat conduction effect, which can improve the heat dissipation at the circuit board level.

However, MCPCB also has some limitations. It cannot exceed 140°C during the operation of the circuit system. This is mainly due to the characteristic limitation of Dielectric Layer (also called Insulated Layer). In addition, it must not exceed 250°C∼300°C during the manufacturing process. Before tin furnace, you must understand in advance.

Although MCPCB has better heat dissipation effect than FR4 PCB, the Dielectric Layer of MCPCB does not have very good thermal conductivity, and the conduction bottleneck between the heat dissipation block and the metal core board. But it is still better than FR4 PCB. The existing MCPCB can reach 3W/m.K, while the FR4 PCB is only 0.3W/m.K.


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