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PCB manufacturer China:What is surface mount technology

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As PCB manufacturer China knows that,Surface mount technology is a method of applying components to printed circuit boards. Boards are fabricated with solder pads – areas that outline where components are to be attached to a board. Solder paste, which essentially functions as the glue that fuses components to a board, are applied to the boards with a stencil. Pick-and-place machines then automatically place the components on the board per the specifications. The board is then conveyed into a reflow soldering oven, fusing the component and the board together.

Surface mount technology is an alternative to the older through-hole technique of electronics assembly. It consisted of drilling a hole through the board, and using solder to fill the hole and attach components to the board. This creates a stronger bond than SMT methods, but is heavier, more expensive to produce, and takes up more surface area.

While through-hole mounting may be a thing of the past, through holes are still used today to transmit signals from one layer of a board to another, now referred to as plated-through holes. However, with the push towards miniaturization, these holes are now made significantly smaller, and are known as microvias.

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