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Multi-layer PCB : what is the Issues of AR and VR

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Multi-layer PCB factory tells you what is the Issues of AR and VR:

• Insufficient content, low quality - There are few VR sources that aren't independently arranged by leading Apps. Moreover, VR content is difficult to be found since it is buried too deep. Furthermore, few interactive elements are available so that users have bad visual experience.

• Lack of standard - Lack of standard results in that some applications fail to be matched with suitable configurations and users' experience is therefore compromised.

• Calling for high demands on hardware - VR technology calls for configured hardware devices and sometimes it even brings forward stringent requirement for equipment performance, which is bad for the popularity of VR technology in people's daily life.

• Low comfort of interactive experience - Users tend to have a slight headache when wearing VR devices due to human's physiological structure and low performance of devices.

Lack of innovation - Although VR technology has been applied in a lot of industries up to now, it covers just a limited range of industries, requiring more innovative schemes that'll push it into more applications.


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