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The highlights of PCB manufacturer China in Electronica China 2018

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Electronica China is the most important show in electronics industry in China. From Mar.14 – 16, most of the leading companies in electronics industry were showcasing their brand new technologies in the show. Being the tier one PCB manufacturer China, Sun&Lynn Circuits presented her cutting-edge PCB technology in diversified market sectors and discussed the opportunities with her global customers to outline the strategy in the coming days.



Engaging in the innovation of PCB technology for over 16 years, PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits brought her new PCB products like inductor-embedded PCB, ceramic based PCB, hybrid material PCB, copper core PCB, fine pitch LED board. These new PCB products represents the growth of Sun&Lynn’s PCB technology capability.



With the new facility which is designed under the most advanced automation of processing to be in operation by the end of this year, PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn will provide her customer the real one-stop cost effective PCB solution and help them to be more successful in their industry sectors.

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