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Application of FPC

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FPC are suited to a variety of situations where rigid circuit boards

Commercial Electronics – A third of the sales volume for FPC come from computer technology – everything from printers, scanners, smart devices, and more. With the market driving for smaller and more advanced handheld technology, flex PCBs are essential for heavy computing power without sacrificing weight restrictions

Automotive – The second largest sector for FPC is in vehicles. The average car looks significantly different from even the beginning of the decade, and their hardware has grown more advanced in turn. As cars begin to include more sensors and electronics for everything from climate control and GPS software to dashboards and rear-view cameras, flex PCBs allow for both space allotments and thermal performance.

Aerospace – Thanks to their remarkable ability to handle the stress of extreme temperatures and vibrations, flex PCBs are uniquely suited for aerospace applications such as satellites. They also can take on unusual shapes that are well suited for spacecraft and substituting connectors that are more prone to failure.

Medical Devices – As medical technology evolves, wearable devices have become a key feature in the past few decades. Flexible printed circuit boards offer greater durability for these devices, as they can mirror shapes found in the body. Hearing aids, vital sensors, and more all use flexible printed circuits to leverage high performance that can stand up to wear and tear.


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