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Flexible PCB supplier china :The future development of unmanned driving is still unknown.

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  Unmanned driving has been a hot topic in the world in recent years. The practice of intelligent driving is almost hot. An unprecedented "marriage" is brewing between intelligent and automobile industry. Google's driverless project started 10 years ago and actually measured more than 10 million miles. The driverless project based on Google later established an independent company Waymo, which also developed an autonomous simulator called Carcraft, claiming to have achieved 10 billion miles of automatic testing in Carcraft.

无人驾驶备受关注 未来发展情况尚未可知

  However, according to British reports, Volkswagen believes that it will take at least 5 years or even longer to develop a fully autonomous car, and the high cost of research and development and promotion is likely to weaken its commercial value. Flexible PCB supplier china learned,This year, after attending the CVPR meeting, some people jokingly posted a post on Twitter saying that in 2017, some people said that automatic driving could be realized in 5 years. In 2018, some people said it would take another 10 years to realize automatic driving. However, in 2019, some people said that automatic driving is still early and far away.

  Some people say that "it is estimated that autonomous driving can achieve a certain degree of commercial use in certain specific scenes and parks, and obtain 1%~2% of the car traffic share within a decade or two"; However, "Tesla's assisted driving technology has suffered a series of accidents recently, and Google has also announced that its unmanned car needs someone to assist in driving, and this assisted driving will continue for decades in the future. It seems that the key technology cannot be broken through, and it seems that it cannot be broken through at all. Just like natural language recognition, it will never reach a satisfactory state."

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