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Eleven long delivery starting PCB casing heat until the end of the year

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Eleven long holiday is the most important, the shopping season, during this period, the proportion accounted for annual sales of about 20% to 25%, sales boom this year will continue from 9 months all the way to the early October, laptop brand industry inventory level for to play a key role, and then drive the upstream PCB manufacturers, the casing and the generation of industry sales growth.


At present, laptop brand market share the top three are associative, Dell, Asus, estimated eleven holiday season on the three brand among the industry will benefit the most, mainly OEM Lenovo laptop for Ren Bao, Dell OEM partner is Ren Bao, quanta, Asus OEM partners in quanta, Heshuo, Wistron based, with the brand strength to enhance customer pull goods, PCB OEM manufacturers ship performance is expected to improve from month to month.


Casing factory, pull cargo downstream synchronization strong strength, can become, F- Kai Sheng is accelerated crashing, meet the electric pen, flat, mobile phone brands such as customer demand. Industry sources, the present stage production line has been loaded, the shipment is expected to Wang all the way until the end of the year.

PCB manufacturer , has recently feel electronic customer load pull strength strong, rate has rushed to the 90% above or nearly full utilization of PCB factories.Circuit board

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