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PCB manufacturer China:PCB Drilling

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PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,considered the most critical step in the PCB manufacturing process, drilling establishes the foundation for vias and the connectivity between different PCB layers.



All components slated to come later, such as copper-linking via holes and leaded aspects, rely on the exactness of precision drill holes.


PCB drilling requires the highest precision because even the tiniest error can result in considerable financial losses.


That’s why leading professional China PCB manufacturers tend to use computer-controlled PCB drilling machines.  These machines can drill holes as small as 100 microns in diameter, using air-driven spindles that turn at 150,000 RPM.  Drilling also requires time as an average PCB has over one hundred drilling points.


● Before drilling, an X-ray locator locates the drill spots

● A board of buffer material is placed beneath the drill target to ensure clean drilling

● First, registration or guiding holes are drilled to secure the PCB stack

● A computer-controlled machine drills the target using the original design as the guide

● After the drilling, the additional layer of copper around the edges is removed by profiling


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