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Automotive PCB:What will happen to cloud computing with 5G

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  Cloud services are developing rapidly in the era of mobile Internet. At present, a large number of mobile applications have completed cloud migration. It can be said that the development of cloud computing has lowered the threshold of Internet entrepreneurship to a certain extent, and has also promoted the development of mobile Internet. Innovation and entrepreneurship. From this perspective, cloud services have been implemented to some extent.

  At present, the services provided by cloud computing are developing from traditional IaaS to PaaS and SaaS. Cloud services have also expanded from the Internet to a wide range of traditional areas. Compared with big data technology, cloud computing is relatively popular and the login plan is gradually maturing. It is believed that, driven by cloud computing services, technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will gradually fall into traditional industries.

  In the 5G era, the changes in cloud computing technology will be reflected in three aspects. One is the combination of cloud computing and edge computing to provide computing services; On the other hand, cloud computing services are fully integrated with industry applications, and the verticality of the industry is comprehensively improved. The third is the combination of cloud computing services and artificial intelligence technology to enhance the intelligence of research and development and application.

  The 5G era will comprehensively promote the development of the Internet of Things. The development of the Internet of Things will certainly promote the development of edge computing. Compared with cloud computing, edge computing can not only improve the processing speed of terminals, but also improve the security of data processing. Automotive PCB think,The combination of edge computing and cloud computing will be a relatively common solution in the future.

  Another important trend in the development of cloud computing is the combination of cloud computing and industry. Different industries have different characteristics, so close integration with industries can build more reasonable service plans. Therefore, some cloud computing platforms focused on industry applications have also been launched. The concept of "full stack cloud" will provide users with richer solutions.

  The combination of cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology will be a relatively obvious development trend. The combination of cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence technology can not only reduce the difficulty of developers, but also enhance the application experience. In addition, cloud computing can provide sufficient computing power for the development of artificial intelligence, so the development of cloud computing also provides support for the application of artificial intelligence technology.

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