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What are the reasons for the failure of solder joints in Automotive PCB assembly

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With the development of electronic products to miniaturization and precision, the PCBA processing and assembly density adopted by the chip processing plant is getting higher and higher, and the solder joints in the circuit board are getting smaller and smaller, and the mechanics and electricity it carries And the thermodynamic load is getting heavier and heavier, and the requirements for stability are increasing. However, PCBA solder joint failure may also be encountered in the actual processing process, and it is necessary to analyze and find the reason to avoid solder joint failure again.

Reasons for the failure of solder joints in Automotive PCB assembly:
1. Bad component leads: plating, pollution, oxidation, coplanarity.
2. Bad PCB pads: plating, pollution, oxidation, warpage.
3. Solder quality defects: composition, impurity, and oxidation are not up to standard.
4. Flux quality defects: low solderability, high corrosion, low SIR.
5. Defects in process parameter control: design, control, and equipment.
6. Defects of other auxiliary materials: adhesives, cleaning agents.

How to increase the stability of PCBA solder joints:
For the stability experiment of PCBA solder joints, including stability experiment and analysis, its purpose is to evaluate and appraise the stability level of PCBA integrated circuit devices on the one hand, and to provide parameters for the stability design of the whole machine.

On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the stability of the solder joints during PCBA processing. This requires the analysis of failed products to find out the failure modes and analyze the causes of failure. The purpose is to correct and improve the design process, structural parameters, welding process and increase the yield of PCBA processing. The failure mode of PCBA solder joints has an impact on the cycle life. The prediction of is very important and is the basis for establishing its mathematical model.

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