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What is FPC?

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FPC or FPCB may be a patterned arrangement of printed circuits and components using flexible based materials with or without a versatile overlay. These flexible electronic components are often manufactured using an equivalent components as rigid computer circuit boards, but the board is allowed to evolve to the specified shape (flexibility) in its application.


FPC / FPCB application

In addition to high-end, complex complete components, flex PCB is also widely used in daily technology and electronic products. Some of the most prominent examples of flexible circuit use are modern portable electronic devices, devices, hard disk drives and desktop printers.

Flexible circuits are also widely used in other applications and industries, including: Communication technology,consumer electronics,Automobile industry,Medical treatment,industry,space flight,military,transport。

Duplex and multilayer FPC

Whether you’re trying to find two-sided flexible circuit boards from double-sided computer circuit board manufacturers or complex multilayer flexible computer circuit boards, we will provide you with guidance, professional knowledge and skill to form your concept come true. Multilayer flexible plates are increasingly utilized in electronic applications to realize higher speed performance, but they lose flexibility.

Single or double-sided multilayer flexible PCB are often designed for unique and sophisticated layout, which has greater possibility of combination than FR4 board design. Like multilayer FR4 boards, multilayer FPCB are often designed using blind and buried holes and plated through holes (PTH).


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