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FPC supplier tells you What is Punching FPC board holes

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As FPC supplier knows that, punching small apertures is not a new technology, and has been used as mass production. Since the reeling process is continuous production, there are many examples of using punching to process the through-holes of the reel.

But batch punching technology is limited to punching diameter O. Compared with the drilling of the CNC drilling machine, the 6~0.8mm hole has a longer processing cycle and requires manual operation. Because the size of the initial process is large, the punching mold is correspondingly large, so the mold price is very expensive. Although mass production is beneficial to reducing costs, the burden of equipment depreciation is large, and small batch production and flexibility cannot compete with CNC drilling, so it is still not popular.

However, in recent years, great progress has been made in both the precision of punching technology and numerical control drilling. The practical application of punching on flexible printed boards has been very feasible.

The latest mold manufacturing technology can produce holes with a diameter of 75um that can punch 25um thick base material without adhesive copper clad laminates. The reliability of punching is also quite high. If the punching conditions are suitable, it can even punch diameter of 50um of the hole.

The punching device has also been numerically controlled, and the mold can be miniaturized, so it can be well used for punching flexible printed boards, and neither CNC drilling nor punching can be used for blind hole processing.

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