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PCB supplier China:FPC vs PCB – what is the difference?12-02 11:58
This article will introduce the difference between FPC vs PCB in detail.
PCB manufacturer China:What’s the type of PCB surface treatment?12-01 11:35
PCB manufacturer China:What’s the type of PCB surface treatment?
Why are High frequency PCB boards so popular?11-30 10:38
Since wireless networks are growing as the best solution to communicate among devices, the high-frequency PCB (HFPCB) was needed with a special material used in electronic circuit boards to support high-frequency signals in communication electronics.
FPC supplier​:What Is A Touch Screen FPC?11-29 02:36
FPCsupplier​ learned FPC is the abbreviation of Flexible Printed Circuit.
PCB manufacturer China​:How does the circuit board work?11-28 11:39
PCB manufacturer China learned the reason electronic devices can perform different functions is that the internal PCBA board provides it with various capabilities.
Top 5 Advantages of Metal core PCBs11-27 11:40
There are several terms to define this category of printed circuit boards, such as Metallic PCB, Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS or IMPCB), Metal Core PCB (MCPCB), Aluminum Clad, Aluminum Base, and more.
What is High frequency PCB? Everything you need to know11-25 11:54
High frequency printed circuit board is a particular printed circuit board with a very high electromagnetic frequency.
Flexible PCB supplier China :Definition and Applications of FPCs11-24 11:40
FlexiblePCBsupplierChina talk a flexible printed circuit board also called a soft board or a flex PCB, is made of a flexible insulating material circuit board. Its biggest feature is flexibility, able to bend and rotate freely.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is Flexible PCB?11-23 02:07
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talk,before Flexible PCB, electronic products were designed using Rigid PCB and in few products(i.e. wrist-watch), space for rigid PCB was almost negligible as compared to its complete size(including bands).
Why Choose Automotive PCB?11-22 10:56
Why Choose Automotive PCB?
Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing and the Effect of Vias on Overall Performance11-21 02:44
A multilayer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a PCB board with four or more conductive layers stacked on top of each other between insulating layers.
PCB supplier China:How much do blind vias cost?11-20 02:21
PCBsupplierChina learned these are connective, plated-through holes between PCBs’ layers.
PCB manufacturer China:What is PCB?11-18 10:23
PCBmanufacturerChina talk PCB is a copper laminated and non-conductive Printed Circuit Board
Flex rigid PCB manufacturer:Causes of PCB warping11-17 05:15
FlexrigidPCB manufacturer learned PCB warping is a problem that can have expensive consequences if not addressed early on.
Rigid flex PCB: Advantages and Applications11-16 11:02
Rigid-flex PCBs cross the boundaries of traditional rigid PCBs and the unique properties of flex circuits that use high-ductility electrodeposited or rolled annealed copper conductors photo-etched onto a flexible insulating film.
Flexible PCB manufacturer: How to Fabricate FPC?11-14 02:53
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talk flexible PCB, abbreviated for FPC, is a polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET) based printed circuit board that can bend and fold.
Flexible PCB supplier China :What is a Flexible PCB?11-13 10:41
Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs), also known as flex circuits, provide unique capabilities beyond conventional rigid PCB technologies.
PCB manufacturer China:What Are the Different Types of PCBs?11-11 11:12
PCBmanufacturerChina talk some of the most common types below!
Top 5 Advantages of Metal Core PCBs11-10 10:47
Top 5 Advantages of MetalcorePCBs
What is High frequency PCB? Everything you need to know11-09 11:34
Today, electronic devices are being developed with high frequency. Satellite devices and most information products move towards high frequency and high speed.
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