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Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is Flexible PCB?

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Why We Need Flexible PCB?

FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talk,before Flexible PCB, electronic products were designed using Rigid PCB and in few products(i.e.     wrist-watch), space for rigid PCB was almost negligible as compared to its complete size(including bands).     To utilize such parts of electronic products(for adding extra technology/circuits), there was a need to bring flexibility in electronic PCB to fit in any shape or place and thus Flexible PCB came into existence.


Advantages of Flexible PCB

Now let's have a look at the advantages of Flexible PCB:



1.     Small-Size
Small-size is the main advantage of Flexible PCB and even in some cases, flexible PCBs are simply rolled and adjusted in small spaces.

They have negligible width as a simple paper.

2.     Light-Weight
Flex PCBs are very light in weight as there's no cardboard(substrate core) present in them.

Normally its weight is because of SMD components present in it.

3.     High Durability
If treated nicely, Flex PCBs normally have long lives as they are manufactured under precise conditions and in the presence of experts.

It's also coated with formulated materials which increase its durability.

4.     High Temperature
It can withstand high temperatures and thus used in the oil & gas sector where rigid PCBs may melt out.

Temperature withstand ability depends on the material used to design it.

5.     Enhanced Capability
Flexible Printed Circuits help in improving the overall performance of electronic products by increasing component density.

Using Flexible components, we can add more circuitry to our autonomous products, thus enhancing their capabilities.


PCBsupplierChina talk applications of Flexible PCB

Although Flexible PCBs are not that common, thus used in specific applications only.     A few Flex PCB applications are as follows:



1.     Wearables
Flex PCB is normally used in electronic wearable devices i.e. wristwatches, lockets, spy microphones, smart cameras etc.

2.     Electronic Gadgets
Flexible PCB is also used in electronic gadgets i.e. mobile phones, computer keyboards, CD/DVD drives etc.

3.     Connectors
Connectors, used in expensive electronic products, are normally designed using Flex PCB.

Flex connectors avoid wiring & connection problems.

4.     Printers
Moving print-head of printers make use of flexible circuits that provide a pathway to connect signal with moving arm of the disk drive.

6.     Consumer Electronics
Many consumer electronics are incorporated with flexible circuits including calculators, cameras, personal entertainment devices and exercise monitors.

7.     Solar Technology
A flexible solar cell is another addition in the field of flexible electronics which are lightweight, can be folded or twisted into any shape, and are mainly used for power satellites.


So much for this post. Feel free to let FPC&PCBmanufacturer know if you’re interested in knowing more about it, or that you have any question about FPC.

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