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Why Choose Automotive PCB?

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What Applications of the AutomotivePCB


Different applications of vehicles are using in automotive PCBs.It can be stated that when it comes to applications, PCBs could be considered as the backbone of the electrical system.


The belows is the list of the main applications of automotive PCBs.

1.GPS kit&ECU modules.

2.Displays (Digital)&Sensors of transmission.

3.Radar system&Audio and stereo components.

4.AC/DC converters&Engine controls.

5.Engine timing system&LED system.

6.Occupant detectors&Power distribution board.manufacturing.



PCBmanufacturer talk​:What are the Benefts of Automotive PCBs


1.Automotive PCBs are improving the security features of vehicles.Such PCBs are playing a vital role in the automation of vehicles resulting in lesser accidents, anti-theft, monitoring, and cameras, etc.


2.PCBs are also bringing comfort with the addition of air-conditioning systems, audio, and video entertainment svstem.and tracking svstem.s.etc.



We have experiences in delivering automotive PCBs to below applications:


· Instrumentation

· Digital displays

· Engine control

· Transmission control modules

· Stalk switches

· LED lighting

· Sensors system

· Door latch/locking systems

· Occupant detectors

· LCD displays & touch screens

· Comfort systems

· Infotainment systems

· GPS system

· Sound systems and more

· Emergency assist system



Automotive PCBs work in harsh environments and have to be highly reliable. Vehicles can drive fast and be agile, smart, and safe relying on automotive PCBs.

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