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Flexible PCB supplier China :Definition and Applications of FPCs

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Definition  of FPCs


FlexiblePCBsupplierChina talk a flexible printed circuit board also called a soft board or a flex PCB, is made of a flexible insulating material circuit board.  Its biggest feature is flexibility, able to bend and rotate freely.



Flexible printed circuit board selection of insulation substrate commonly used there are two: polyimide(PI) or polyester(PET) film.  Viasion is a trusted flex PCB manufacturer with 16 years of experience for all these flexible circuit material..


Polyimide is an organic polymer material with excellent comprehensive performance, with high-temperature resistance up to 400°C and high thermal stability and flexibility.  Polyimide flex PCB material is the most widely used flex PCB material, such as smartphone, wearable devices, automotive electronics, cameras, automation, robotics, medical, aerospace, military electronics etc.  Besides, because of it higher temperature resistance, PI flex PCB material can be used in the dielectric substrate of solar cells and LED lamps and lanterns.  The lamps and lanterns will generate a lot of heat under long-term high-temperature conditions, and only the flex circuit can work normally for a long time.

Polyester film is also a kind of high polymer material, with good mechanical and thermal stability, but cheaper cost than polyimide(PI) material.  It is widely used in consumer electronics and automotive industry.


Flex PCB for Applications

FPCmanufacturer talk at Flex Plus, we specialize in crafting high-quality Flex PCBs (also known as FPCBs) designed for diverse applications.  Our Flex PCBs delivered from China, with managment system of ISO 13485, IATF 16949, Flex Plus continues offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to adapt to the unique requirements of various industries, including automotive(FPC for Electirc Cars), medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace, and more.  


Electric Car

Empower the electric vehicle revolution with our top-notch FPCBs designed to deliver seamless power distribution and reliable performance in EV cars.  Trust Flex Plus for cutting-edge solutions that drive the future of automotive technology.




Optimize your industrial machines and robotics with our durable FPCBs manufactured to withstand rigorous environments and enable seamless automation.  Flex Plus, your partner in industrial innovation.



Medical Device

Our precision-engineered FPCBs ensure exceptional flexibility and reliability in critical medical devices.  From wearables to sophisticated equipment, Flex Plus FPCBs enable advancements in healthcare technology.



Consumer Products

Elevate user experiences with our versatile FPCBs integrated into sleek consumer products.  From wearables to smart gadgets, Flex Plus FPCBs bring technology to life.



Aero Space

Take flight with our aerospace-grade FPCBs engineered for extreme conditions and high-performance requirements.  Trust Flex Plus to provide dependable solutions that soar above the rest.




Whatever your unique application, Flex Plus has you covered.  Our FPCBs cater to diverse industries, providing customized solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.



Sun&Lynn (深联电路)  is one of the most popular flexible PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in producing FPC and PCB with low price and high quality. 


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