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What is Immersion Silver of Multi-layer PCB?07-15 03:43
Immersion silver is a type of surface finish used on Multi-layer PCB surfaces. Multi-layer PCB manufacturers protect the exposed copper pads with immersion silver.
Advantages of Immersion Silver Surface Finish for Flex rigid PCB07-14 11:29
The benefits of this surface finish outweighs its costs. Due to this, immersion silver has become popular in the PCB industry. It is now a preferred choice among Flex rigid PCB manufacturers.
Cost Benefits to Rigid-Flex PCB07-13 02:40
H ere are the Cost Benefits to Rigid-Flex PCB:
What is a high temperature PCB?07-12 11:02
A high temperature circuit board is generally defined as an instance where the glass transition temperature (or Tg) is greater than 170°C.
What is the difference between an Aluminum PCB and a Metal Core PCB07-11 03:41
What is the difference between an Aluminum PCB and a Metal Core PCB? A PCB made with a Metal Core is a higher quality version.
High frequency PCB offer a wide range of properties.07-09 02:35
High frequency PCB offer a wide range of properties.
FPC supplier:Application of Flex PCB07-08 02:54
As FPC supplier knows that, Flexible printed circuit boards are suited to a variety of situations where rigid circuit boards
PCB manufacturer:Benefits of using PCBs07-07 02:44
While each of the types of circuit boards has its benefits, the use of PCBs, in general, comes with a collection of benefits. Following PCB manufacturer to learn about it.
Flexible PCB supplier china:How does PCB assembly work?07-06 11:13
As the Flexible PCB supplier China knows that, the process of PCB assembly has several separate steps. The very first being choosing the best base for your framework.
Flexible PCB manufacturer: When not to use surface mount technology07-05 11:05
As flexible PCB manufacturer knows that,Surface mount technology works best in settings where printed circuit boards need to be produced rapidly and consistently.
PCB factory china:Fabicating and manufaturing PCB board design and layout07-04 02:43
As PCB factory China knows that, PCB board design and layout is a complex process that relies on extensive expertise and complex software to create high-functioning designs.
PCB supplier china:Atrributes of PCB finish should be dictated by the end-user07-02 11:23
There are dozens of options available on the market for different PCB finishes. Which one is the best match for your printed circuit board? PCB supplier china give you advice.
What is a Health care PCB?06-30 03:21
A Health care PCB is a circuit board used for designing medical devices. This PCB enables the development of medical gadgets and devices.
Metal core PCB:Why does delamination happen?06-29 03:14
As Metal Core PCB factory knows that, delamination has become more prevalent over the years due to the demands being placed on printed circuit board manufacturers as well as the temperatures required to make PCBs today.
FPC supplier:5G commercial has arrived, FPC will be more popular06-27 07:29
From the previous functional mobile phones to the current smartphones, mobile phones are undergoing continuous updates and iterations
Avoid FPC deffects with a trusted FPC manufacturer06-25 02:43
FPC manufacturing is a fickle process. As boards have grown more advanced, they have also become more sensitive to error and environmental factors.
Flexible PCB supplier china:Types of PCB Substrates06-24 02:49
Flexible PCB supplier china tells you types of PCB Substrates
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you How are PCB substrates made06-23 02:53
As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, PCB substrates are organized by layers during their manufacturing.
PCB factory china:What is a PCB substrate06-22 11:40
As PCB factory china knows that,a PCB substrate is the material that holds the traces and components that make up the foundation of a printed circuit board.
PCB supplier china :How to prevent Lamination voids06-21 03:13
As PCB supplier china knows that,the biggest culprit of delamination is when moisture is trapped between layers.
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