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Technical Parameters

Part Number:GHM08C03061A0
Layer count: 3 stage 8 layer 
Board thickness:2.0mm
Raw material:FR4 EM825
Copper thickness on the board surface:≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole barrel:20um
Min.line width/space:0.075mm
Minimum hole diameter:0.1mm 
Surface finishing:immersion gold≥2u"
Pitch: P0.9  

Technology Feature


Our customized solution can meet tight dimensional spec of ±0.05mm














We process copper filling for blind via with advanced
DVCP lines to prevent bubbling inside the filled blind via.







   Our leading edge technology of 3+8+3 stack via
   powers up the functional performance of your products.
   min. line width/space: 0.075mm,
   drilling depth tolerance: ±0.15mm.







We guarantee excellent colour uniformity of the solder mask with selected material

                        and advanced automatic screen printing machine.           


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