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How to choose a FPCmanufacturer?

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FPCmanufacturer learned that,Flexible PCB technology, also known as FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), is continuously growing, with applications in the main electronics sectors, such as consumer, automotive, electro-medical devices, wearables, telecommunications and aerospace.



The introduction of Flexible PCBs has revolutionized the legacy electrical interconnection techniques, traditionally used to connect multiple parts of the same circuit or of multiple electronic devices.


Thanks to the flexible nature of the connection, its compactness, and the high density of electrical connections that can be achieved, the solution based on flexible PCBs allows to obtain a considerable reduction of space, weight and costs compared to an equivalent solution based on rigid PCBs.Flexible printed circuits have replaced many types of wiring, often done by hand, in several applications, reducing the total cost of electrical wiring by up to 70%.


Here are some questions you need to ask before choosing an FPC manufacturer:


1.  What are the specifications of my FPC , can the manufacturer meet it?

2.  Is the FPC manufacturer a professional proofing, small batch or batch processor?

3.  Does the FPC quality meet my requirements?

4.  Can I form a relationship with a supplier?

5.  Can my FPC budget cost meet the manufacturer’s quotation?

6.  How fast can the FPC manufacturer deliver the products?


Sun&Lynn Company Profile


Engaging in PCB/FPC R&D and manufacturing for 21 years

Established in 2002 in Shenzhen, China.

Total Investment: US$ 770 million

Total Employees: 4,500 (700 with Q-tasks)

Total Monthly Capacity: 480,000 Sqm

GZ factory I:  80,000 Sqm (HDI, PTH PCB)

GZ factory II:  250,000 Sqm (High volume PTH)”Smart 4.0 factory”

GZ factory III:70,000 Sqm (Flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, FPCBA)

SZ factory:  80,000 Sqm

(High frequency PCB,Heavy copper PCB,MCPCB,Ceramic PCB)

ZH factory: Expect mass production in year 2023.

Sales revenue increases about 10%  YOY in the past 17 years.

Overseas sales accounted over 40% in 2022Y.



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