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FPC supplier:How are FPC materials Bonded Together?

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The structure of a flexible PCB can be seen in the figure below.



FPCsupplier learned that,The adhesive materials consist of Resin which is used to bind the Copper layer with the polyimide core. PI Resin, PET resin, modified epoxy resin, and acrylic resin can be used to form the adhesive material. The resin, copper foils (Top and Bottom), and substrate materials i.e polyimide or Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)  form the “Laminate” of the flexible PCB.


FPC manufacturer learned that,these layers are bonded together by applying high temperature and pressure using an automatic press under a controlled environment. The laminate is called Flexible Copper Clad laminate (FCCL). This can be used to develop different types of flexible PCBs depending on the required application.


PCB supplier china learned that,the flex PCB circuits are coated with a Coverlay film that encapsulates the external circuitry of the flex PCBs. Coverlay is a sheet made from a material comprised of a layer of polyimide and a layer of either epoxy or acrylic-based flexible adhesive.

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